Learning Japanese has never been this much fun!

Quickly learn how to read and write nearly 2000 Kanji
using Kanji for Fun!

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learn by association

Our iPad App helps you associate English meanings with Japanese Kanji by using a modified Match Game. On and Kun Readings are also available to more advanced students.

enforce by writing

Switch into Study Mode where you can practice your writing skills using your finger or Apple Pencil. The stroke order is also conveniently provided for quick easy access.

study by reference

All Jōyō Kanji are available and neatly grouped by Grade and level. Learn each character's meaning along with the On and Kun Readings, in both Kana and Romaji.

Welcome to KANJI FOR FUN!

Kanji for Fun! is the only App that provides you with the simplest way to learning Japanese Kanji on the iPad. Start with the first 80 Kanji taught in Japanese first year of elementary school and advance your yourself all the way up to University where you can master the entire Jōyō Kanji list. That's 1945 Kanji at your finger tips where you can read, write, and learn the English meanings for each and every Kanji.

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Choose between small and large grid sizes

One you've master the smaller grid, turn off hints, lower the number of exposed tiles, and increase the grid size, and set your sites on a more challenging game. There are many options to choose from.

PRACTICE writing
stroke  by stroke

Learn how to write each character while studying their meanings. Show of hide the character's strokes while using the Kanji writing pad. 

use game backgrounds for inspiration

As the seasons change, switch between the various game backgrounds. Or simply set up one tranquil setting that provides you with the best flow of peace and calm while focusing on game play.

turn on practice mode for quick study

Looking to learn a new set of Kanji quickly? Use practice and with the Game Hint List too match up multiple characters through repetition.